How to take good care of your sex toy ?

There is a lot of talk about what the best sex toys are, but there is still very little information on how to clean and store them. If you want to know how to disinfect, sterilize and store your sex toys so that they last longer and enjoy a safe experience, we tell you about it in this article.

How to clean sex toys ?

Failing to clean your sex toys, using the wrong products, or storing them in the wrong place can mean that they go bad and you have to get rid of them. However (and beyond the impact it can have on your pocket), if you never sterilize and disinfect your sex toys, you run the risk of contracting intimate area infections, fungus and even sexually transmitted diseases. Transmissible.

Although it all depends on its material, most sex toys can be washed with warm water and neutral soap, without perfumes or chemicals and with a pH of 5.5, close to that of the skin. This is the case of intimate toys made of medical grade silicone, which thanks to their hypoallergenic material are the most recommended by sexual health experts.

Keys to make your intimate toys last longer

Taking care of your sex toys will allow you to enjoy them longer. Remember that they have a limited lifespan. Over time, you may notice changes in their color, material, or texture.

Some toys are more waterproof than others, but there are always trickier parts. Whenever you wash them, you have to pay attention to the charging slots (USB) and other compartments. Remove the batteries before washing them, as well as if you do not use it frequently.

Another very common mistake is to confuse the label “submersible” with “water resistant”. Just because they might get wet doesn’t mean you can overwhelm them. First, make sure your toy allows it.

Avoid washing your sex toys in the dishwasher as some unreliable portals suggest. This is the wrong place and we cannot guarantee that your toy will continue to work if you use this method.

When using it, make sure that the lubricant you choose is friendly to its materials, such as water-based ones. Avoid oil- or silicone-based lubes, as they may damage your toys., les dernières chroniques.