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My secretary, whom I have hired for about a month, kept coming back and forth in my office giving me coffee or bringing me some nibbling. She always found an excuse to come and see me. I found her super sexy and very attractive as a woman. She had no big tits but she had huge buttocks that left me speechless every time I looked back. Every night, I even dream of fucking her as a silicone love doll by making her howl on my desk.

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At lunchtime, when there was no one left, I surprised him to see me through the lock of the door. I opened a shemale sex site and started caressing me knowing well she could see me through the door. I sighed as I heard small cries. Suddenly I opened the door and I surprised her to touch her too. What I did not know was that under her skirt was a dick and not a pussy. A nice big cock that was well set in front of me. I dragged her into my office and, having closed the door double-locked, threw myself on her and covered her with a kiss. She was speechless and hesitated a little at the thought of knowing that I was discovering her in her true light. His more shy side excited me even more.

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The staff went in around 2pm and it was already 1:30 pm. I could not take it anymore I asked him to make me a good blowjob. I thrust my cock deep into her throat. I loved her cry as if she would choke with my penis. I later put my cock between her breasts for a good handjob while she licked the tip. I put it on my desk, totally as in my dream, with four dough to fuck him while holding his throat then missionary. She also introduced her little must in my anus which I loved so much. I could not wait long before enjoying it once. Then she bounced behind me to fuck me in turn while masturbating my penis already almost softened. I bandaged again and we continued our frolics until we enjoyed together.

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